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Is it hard to keep up with the internal demand of tasks? Does a new project demand a more thorough and detailed oversight?
PremierSoft can help your company to not lose efficiency and deliver even more results with agility and precision.

Our team can work within your company to help you find the most suitable solutions for your needs and your business model.

  • IOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • QA Analyst
  • Tester
  • Designer UI/UX
  • System Analyst
  • Product Owners
  • Agilists

PremierSoft helps your company to not lose efficiency and deliver even more results with agility and precision.

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“PremierSoft has helped us a lot in the construction and quality of our projects. As it is a very dynamic team with excellent technical skills, we have significantly improved the level of excellence in Ailos deliveries”

Leonardo Joaquim

Product Owner at Ailos

“We have started with the PremierSoft Team in 2017, where we carried out an assessment of the company's security and digital processes. And what started with digital security consultancy, evolved into the development of our website, app, and also web control panel, which are fundamental points to Box4World.”

Nuno Filipe

Owner of Box4World

“I recommend PremierSoft's work. The entire process of building the user experience of the app, and adapting to have an app that met our needs, was essential for us to strengthen our delivery.”  

Rafael Heiden

Owner of Neanderthal Gastronomia

"PagueVeloz has been a PremierSoft customer since 2016. They do an amazing job and I highlight 2 of them here: We launched the first app in Latin America that do financial transactions via Siri, and the fact that they not only accepted the challenge but also delivered when I informed them that I needed a completely new version of our Apps (iOS and Android) in 30 days.”

José Henrique Kracik da Silva

CTO & Chairman at PagueVeloz

“The experience with PremierSoft was decisive, from the platform development to the day-to-day monitoring. It enables us to have a current app that communicates with both the end-user and with Petting's Partners PetShops and Clinics. ”

Samuel Dirschnabel

CEO at Petting

“I have been working with PremierSoft since 2014, and during this period we have successfully executed several projects. Currently, with Skore, they represent a strong addition to our mobile team, delivering excellence in codes and results.”  

Luis Novo

CEO at Skore

Faber Castell

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