We follow the trajectory of innovation in Brazil, promoting technological solutions through the Allocation of IT Professionals and the Development of Mobile and Web Software. In more than ten years of operation, we have brought technology to companies, institutions and startups in different segments. We use the most modern technologies on the market, thus standing out for the innovation, quality and performance of our deliveries.

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We are one of the fastest growing technology companies in the country. Our base is located in Blumenau, where it has three floors of work environments, an auditorium, a decompression environment (games, mini spa, indoor cafeteria), rest rooms, parking with covered and outdoor spaces, in addition to car chargers and electric scooters.

Our internationalization is happening! We started with our branch in Santa Monica, California (USA), and we aim to have at least one unit on each continent in the next few years.


It all started in 2011, when in a parking lot, Rodrigo Hülsenbeck – Premiersoft CEO, was introduced to a future client by his friend, João Paulo Ros – current VP of Internationalization. The client wanted to develop an application for his company and, when asked by João Paulo, he received a “Rodrigo knows how to do it”, which was the phrase that gave birth to Premiersoft at that moment. Rodrigo and João Paulo accepted the challenge and a decade later, Premiersoft stands out as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Brazil. In 2021, from 30 people, the team grew to around 150 professionals in less than two years. In the same year, the company was elected by the GPTW ranking as the second best tech company to work for in the country.

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