27 SET 2023

Understanding the Vital Role of UX Designer in Creating Technological Products

Yasmim Savana Yasmim Savana

In the product development process, it is essential to recognize the significant value that a UX Designer adds to the process. Here, we will address some relevant roles of this professional: 

Effective Communication among Stakeholders 

A designer's primary mission is to promote effective communication among all involved parties and, most importantly, advocate for the needs of the end users of the product. It's essential to understand user requirements and provide the necessary solutions to ensure a satisfactory experience from start to finish. This involves understanding both the user and the business, testing different approaches, dealing with technical challenges, and maintaining ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders. This collaborative process helps keep the entire team aligned with the product vision, ensuring that the user experience is prioritized in all aspects of development. 

Organization and Standardization for Efficiency 

Regardless of the project's size, it's crucial to consider it as a whole and maintain a comprehensive view of what is being designed to avoid deviations along the way. Creating an effective user interface (UI) starts with the standardization and organization of components. This approach facilitates the work of both designers and developers, while also enhancing the user experience since familiar elements are consistently reused. Designers play a crucial role in creating and maintaining design libraries, ensuring that the product can evolve without the need for rework. 

Clear Responsibilities and Priorities 

The work of a UX Designer goes beyond design and research. They also share project responsibility with all team members. Task prioritization is also part of the responsibility, and it's crucial to establish priorities in collaboration with other teams to ensure efficient development. Ongoing communication with all stakeholders is fundamental for successful work. 

The Value of a UX Designer 

Having a dedicated UX Designer to develop layouts and ensure "for whom," "what," and "how" is a tremendous benefit to the team. This professional's contribution is essential for creating products that meet user needs, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and success in the market. 

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