Founded in 2013, PagueVeloz is a complete platform for financial services and cash receipts. In other words, the solution includes bill payments and receipt of amounts by credit card. In addition, fintech – recently purchased by Serasa – had a 211% growth in active customers in one year. Premiersoft rebuilt the app from scratch in record time. The expectation of delivering the project in 3 months was exceeded by our devs who completed the mission in a month of dedication.

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increase in the number of customers.


José Henrique Kracik da Silva

CTO of PagueVeloz

“We chose Premiersoft primarily because we trust their teams’ technical expertise. We have always had a great relationship and assertive communication with everyone. We are open to discussing the technologies used and also which solutions would be chosen. In addition, they exceeded our  expectations by delivering the project well ahead of schedule. No wonder the result was so expressive.”



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