Remotatec is a company specialized in developing technologies for integrated communication. Its main objective is to enhance the operation in communication systems, delivering agility and security. Its segment includes: public security, firefighters, aviation, railways, maritime, energy, sanitation and gas. In this challenge,
Premiersoft works on the development of a unique and innovative solution that integrates with the existing analog communication. The benefits will be the expansion of the coverage area, the ease of audio sent by the cell phone, with information security and an auditing and
detailing system.

Development of a unique and innovative solution

Allan Wiese

Development Analyst at Remotatec

“We chose Premiersoft for this challenge, as their catalog of
developed applications was vast and proved their team’s technical expertise. During the project, we realized the professionals’ desire to understand our business and interpret the unique requirements that meet our expectations. In addition, we are involved in all phases of the project, bringing transparency and partnership between companies. The result is a functional and reliable product and the desire to extend the partnership to the expansion of the current product or even the development of new



of professionals

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